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So, you’ve just purchased your new apartment in thriving cosmopolitan Sydney and want to make it your own with new furniture and character that matches your personality and lifestyle. Trentini Design offers tailored design packages to help you select items to suit your needs and budget. Use our cost-effective e-Decorating services to create a home filled with warmth and charm.

A professional interior designer can help you if…


You're not sure what furniture suits your space and lifestyle


You're after the magazine-worthy home but want help putting it all together


You're a style-conscious busy professional who's short on time


You're looking for an easy way to get the home of your dreams

If you said yes to any of these, book your complimentary 30-minute design consultation today. We’ll share how we can help you achieve a gorgeous looking home. Just click the button to schedule time with me!

introducing our e-decorating packages

how e-decorating works


Let's get acquainted

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation. We’ll ask you a few questions and recommend a design package.


Reveal your style

We’ll email you our design style questionnaire that takes 5 minutes to fill out. It’s a fun and easy way to unravel what you like.

Select your level of service

Once we help you find a designer package that suits your needs, we’ll send you a proposal to review and sign.

We'll get to work

Send us measurements and photos and leave it with us. We’ll create a complete room design and shopping list in 2-3 weeks.

Go shopping!

Once you’re happy with the design, you’re ready to place your orders and have your items delivered at your convenience.

Need extra help?

Don’t have time to place your orders? We offer shopping services at our hourly rate if you want to make life even easier.

Our e-decorating packages are the best way to fill your home with furniture and decorative accessories that not only fit your personality but look like you hired a professional. Shhhh, we won’t tell! Working with us is simple, and a bit addictive. We’ll send you a design style quiz to understand your taste and reveal your inner decorator. Next, we’ll create a concept board to help you visualise your new space. Adding more hours is easy, and the best part is you’ll get your weekends back. Ready to chat? Book your complimentary 30-minute design consultation today by clicking the button to schedule time with me!

e-decorating your perfect home is easy


Cost effective

Save money, and time, when you work with us. No more wasting precious weekends scouring the internet or visiting furniture stores. We know the best places to shop to please all design styles and every budget.


Tailored Design

Creating a magazine-worthy interior is possible with the help of a professional interior designer. We’ll sketch a plan for your space, so you know where furniture fits best and a mood board that reflects your style.

Personal Attention

Working with a designer one-to-one means your new home will match your taste and lifestyle perfectly. You’ll feel confident you’re purchasing the right items for your home with the help from a professional designer.

e-decorating inclusions

Working with Trentini Design is easy and rewarding. In a short time you’ll have a new design plan for your apartment. From there you can order your furniture and accessories right away or as your budget allows. All of our e-decorating packages include the following.


We’ll get to know you with our questionnaire that’s quick and effective. We get on with the job of designing while you get on with life!

Concept Board

The concept board will give you a visual overview of the furniture and decorative accessories that have been chosen.

Floor Plan

The floor plan will show you the best suggested layout for the apartment based on your lifestyle, identified needs and furniture requirements.

Shopping List

A complete shopping list including suppliers and pricing giving you the flexibility to purchase when you’re ready.


You choose the way you work with your designer. However you like to communicate with us, phone, email or video, we’re on board.


If you have questions before purchasing or during installation we’re here to help. We promise we won’t forget about you, just reach out!

Because one e-decorating design doesn’t fit all. This chic Sydney apartment for first time home owners Samantha and Fletcher goes from blah to beautiful in 3 weeks.

Samantha and Fletcher left the world of renting and their old furniture behind for a hip one bedroom apartment in Chippendale – Sydney’s newest trendsetting neighbourhood. Ready for a fresh start and updated look, the couple consulted with us to help put all the pieces together.

As busy professionals, they struggled to find time to shop for furniture and weren’t sure what size matched their new space. They hired us as their e-decorating designers for assistance to maximise their apartment’s potential.

Client needs: additional storage, flexible furniture solutions, short lead-time on purchases.

Design solution: a flat-pack storage bench seat was created to run the full length from living to dining meeting both short and long-term storage needs. Sitting alongside the dining room table, the bench doubles as additional dining seating when entertaining. A large art piece in the dining area visually differentiates the dining and living areas. A large three-seat sofa and single armchair provides adequate seating for day-to-day comfort as well as creating a conversation circle when entertaining guests.

Trentini Design provided a complete e-decorating service including:

  • One-to-one service to get to know Samantha and Fletcher’s needs and style.
  • A floor plan design with furniture placement and suggested sizes.
  • Concept Board.
  • Complete shopping list within their budget and product links.
  • Plan for the flat-pack storage bench was ready to provide to the retail sales team for purchase.

With a plan and shopping list in hand, Samantha and Fletcher were able to purchase exactly what they needed to make their new apartment their own.

Happy e-Decorating Clients!

Hello, I’m Kathryn Trentini

Trentini Design is an award winning interior design studio, with experience across residential and commercial environments. We work collaboratively to meet the needs and requirements of each homeowner we work with. It takes skill and experience to create the perfect home to suit the homeowner’s lifestyle and to provide longevity in design.

We’ve been helping homeowners for the past eight years achieve their perfect homes through a holistic and comprehensive approach to interior design. With the rise of apartment living, there’s a need for helping homeowners design within a small space. We’ve worked extensively for clients throughout Sydney’s Inner West helping them create their dream home.

Our e-decorating packages are designed to provide you with the confidence to purchase new furniture and decorative accessories perfect for your home. With busy urban professionals in mind, we’re here to help those who want a beautiful home but don’t have the luxury of time. It’s a simple process that doesn’t require a lot of your time but results in the magazine-worthy home you have been dreaming about.

I look forward to working with you on your next project!

Organised a consultation with Trentini Design. Great service and very professional. Knowledgeable and great advice. Thanks.
Arlene - Google customer review

Kathryn was very intuitive when it came to understanding what we were trying to create…it really took the stress out by having her onboard.
Vivienne - Houzz customer review

Kathryn gave me confidence to pursue some less conventional ideas. I’m thrilled with the results and get compliments all the time.
Caroline - Houzz customer review

Find us on socials! We’re always trying to finding new ways to break down the stereotypes and secrets that surround the world of interior design. It’s a big step to consider engaging an interior designer and an even bigger one to take the leap of faith and hand your home over to someone else. I want more of us to be able to experience the daily joys design brings to my life. I do this by sharing my own learnings, my knowledge and my experiences so that everyone can have a beautiful home. It’s not just about the aesthetic beauty, it’s also about the spiritual and emotional beauty that can exist in our homes.