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DIY budget planner

Your renovation budget and timeline planner

So, you’re thinking about renovating and you want to make sure you stay on budget and on time. Use our cost effective budget planner to create your dream home.

The workbook can help you if…


You’re not sure how to work out all your costs


You’re confused about how to start your renovation


You’re not sure what you need for your renovation


You're looking for an easy way to track your budget and deadline

If you said yes to any of these, then the $99 Renovation Budget and Timeline Planner is for you. We’ll show you how a professional interior designer effectively manages a renovation.

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introducing the renovation budget and timeline planner

how it works



The tabs in your workbook sets out the most common areas involved in your renovation. It gives you an easy and simple way to work.



Each worksheet drills down into bite-size chunks of information and gives you guidance for many individual components within a renovation. 


Each worksheet allows you to input detailed costings of every component of your home renovation giving you a clear overview of what you’re going to spend.


The budget shows your spending on each area allowing you to stay on top of your budget and easily make modifications to your project where necessary.


Trades are listed within each worksheet if you’re working on just one room, or move to the trades tab to keep track of everyone working on your project.


Keeping track of your suppliers is easy with all details and products in one easy to use workbook. Never lose your suppliers contact details again.

The Renovation Budget and Timeline Planner is the best way to work out what your renovation is going to cost you and keeps you on track to meet your deadline, all like a pro. Using the DIY budget planner is simple, a little bit addictive, and you’ll have everything at your fingertips just when you need it. Start your renovation planning for just $99 today!

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pro tips



Include as much detail as you can and fill in all of the cells, they’re there for a reason! You’ll have all of the information you need in one easy to access place, allowing you to answer any questions from trades and suppliers quickly and efficiently.



Include the lead times and order dates to understand when you need to order products for a smooth renovation process. Knowing these lead-times will help you set your project deadline and you’ll fit with your builders milestones.  


Include product links, as you’ll need to refer back to your chosen appliances and other design choices during the planning stages. It’ll make your life easier when you’re chatting with your joiner or builder and they ask for product dimensions.

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